February 02, 2010

Catch and Release: Radio interview

Earlier this month, Wiebo Ludwig was questioned for several hours about the bombings of six gas pipelines in northern Alberta and B.C. Chris Arsenault is an independent journalist who has been following the pipeline bombings. He talks about what this new development may mean for this case.

March 01, 2008

NFB Colombia Podcast

Everyone is talking about sustainability these days and corporate executives from some of the most polluting companies are lining up to flaunt their green credentials. In this episode, investigative journalist Chris Arsenault poses questions about sustainability to Sir Stuart-Moody, the chairman of AngloAmerican PLC, the world’s second largest mining company.

Sir Moody claims his company is at the forefront of green business and corporate social responsibility. Villagers in northeastern Colombia have a different story; hundreds were displaced.

Chris Arsenault is a Canadian correspondent for Inter Press Service, the United Nations’ news agency and his features have appeared in numerous publications including THIS Magazine, the Halifax Herald, Z magazine and Canadian Dimension. He traveled to Colombia in 2006 as part of this investigation.

Check out this multimedia podcast here, which includes interviews and photos

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